Individual and Short Term Medical

Insurance to fit your Family's needs.

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Individual Insurance Packages

Healthcare plans that provide you and your family the peace of mind needed
Today, most people get their health insurance through their work. But every year, more and people are choosing to shop in the private market for personal health insurance.
For some individuals and families, there are key advantages to personal health insurance over employer health coverage—affordability, portability and customization. Whether you are a single individual, have a family, are self-employed, are a student, or are just looking for the best health plan for your unique needs, you should consider a plan from Aliera Healthcare.


Short Term Medical Insurance

Short term medical (STM) plans offer a temporary solution when a life transition leaves you uninsured. STM policies are a great alternative to Cobra.
Plans are available online and are active within 24 hours of applying. Short term medical coverage usually lasts for as few as 30 days and up to 364 days in some states.