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Agents: Are you looking for products in the midst of Healthcare Reform? Look no further!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a G.A. (General Agency)?

A: A G.A. or a General Agency is an insurance agency that works with many insurance carriers to market their products to agents and/or brokers. Professional Insurance Concepts has been a General Agency since 1976 and we have the products, knowledge, tools, and support you need to close that next case!


Q: Will I lose any commissions if I write my business through a G.A.?

A: No, you will not lose any commissions if you write through Professional Insurance Concepts. The agent is the broker on record and will be paid the same regardless of using P.I.C. Many times, agents make more than they can going directly through a single carrier, as we have multiple product lines to cross sell.


Q: Must I pay any fees for using the services offered by Professional Insurance Concepts?

A: No, we are a free service to our agents and brokers.


Q: Well, then how does P.I.C. get paid?

A: G.A.s like Professional Insurance Concpets are paid an override from the carrier directly. The override has no effect on the agent's commission or the client's rates. An agent or broker is paid the same commission amount they would receive if going directly through the carrier. The difference is the level of service we bring to the table! Why go to multiple carriers for quotes, talk with multiple people from each carrier, wait for each of their response, and have to put everything together yourself, when P.I.C. can do it all for you?


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