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Agents: Are you looking for products in the midst of Healthcare Reform? Look no further!

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Company News

In these volatile times with Healthcare Reform, agents and brokers often wonder about the same thing. How will this affect my commissions? How will this affect how I sell insurance products? How will it affect my clients?

Since there is no easy way to answer these questions, we are always on the lookout for more competitive products, selling strategies, and tools to help deliver the best products to your clients.

We have successfully helped many agents and brokers add more to their income with these things in mind.

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Sage Scholarship Program

This Tuition Reward program, are discounts - for up to one full year's tuition (Spread over four years) - provided by 245+ private colleges in 40 states!

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Consult A Doctor

As an employer, what if you could positively effect your medical expenses, improve your employee's productivity, and reduce absenteeism?

Best Part is there no expense to you!

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